We’re putting lawyers in control of their email, so they can focus on what really matters.


You shouldn’t have to live with email the way it is now

We are on a mission to change lawyers’ experience of working with emails by:

  • Looking afresh for what can be automated, simplified and re-imagined
  • Creating new tools that adapt Outlook and Word to work for lawyers today

We believe you should have to do fewer routine manual email management tasks and be free to:

“Be the experts your clients want you to be.”

About Us


Our founders Sarah Hanfrey and Tim Suiter are experienced legal tech entrepreneurs having developed, marketed and sold document production software with their previous company Docuble, which they sold to DocsCorp in early 2021.  They then worked for a year for DocsCorp and Litera, gaining valuable insight into the global legal tech market.

Whereas our focus in the past was on ‘traditional’ Word add ins that provided firms with specialist tools arranged in toolbars of buttons to click, with FileOps we are aiming to:

  • Address overlooked problems working with the latest cloud native technologies.
  • Provide new types of solution that process information automatically and make it available to consume on any device.

Sarah Hanfrey

An engineering graduate who worked as a fintech developer before turning to Legal tech.

Sarah is the unique combination of experienced businesswoman and senior software developer. She is also a world class expert in the technical aspects of legal documents. Sarah loves to write code that solve real peoples’ real problems.

Outside of her work she is a School Governor and Charity Trustee.

Tim Suiter

Also, an Engineer by training Tim worked for many years as a teacher and school leader before coming to the world of law tech.

As well as being tech savvy, he loves learning, problem solving, has a deep interest in people and is an experienced coach and product manager.

Tim believes in giving back to his local community, leading and contributing to several local groups and charities.

Our values


We believe the best technology is designed around people and their needs. We need to pay as much attention to our users as our software.


We strive to innovate the right solutions for the right problems. This means being open to new ideas and prepared to continually adapt.


We are driven to be the best in all we do. We go the extra mile to build products and serve our customers with care and integrity.


We are never done learning. There is always something to learn about others or ourselves, a new problem to be curious about or a new solution to explore.

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