Take control of your email with FileOps

Email overload

No escape from
your inbox

Despite many alternatives, email remains the core legal communication tool. Managing your inbox and sifting through a mass of daily messages for important information can be a pain and distraction from your core work as a lawyer.

On the go and
always on

Working out of business hours and on a mobile is even more difficult. Some emails can wait but others can’t, and last-minute client queries and documents changes can all generate extra work that simply can’t be done on your mobile.

The re-humanized

Lawyer wellbeing is a rising concern for the legal industry. We believe lawyers need specialist tools that put them in control, eliminate repetitive tasks and help them be focused and responsive at minimal cost to their work-life balance.

The automated email assistant

FileOps is a new breed productivity platform that simplifies and automates daily email tasks, analysing emails and attachments for you while you work on other tasks. No clicks, no switching between Outlook and Word.

Built for hybrid modes of work:

Focused with minimal distractions

On the go with a mobile device

Out of hours with work and life in balance

Inbox attendent


Incoming emails are screened and analysed then focused and lawyer-centred insights are added to help you quicky get to what’s most important.

Client and matter
focus time

Manage the flow of incoming messages in a true ‘focus mode’ for lawyers, only being interrupted by emails relating to your top clients and priority matters.

document filing

Integrated with iManage Work for fast predictive document filing and a view on what’s been filed by your colleagues.

Control and Insight
on any device

FileOps is a cloud and mobile first solution fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Outlook apps on iPhone, Android, Mac, Online and Windows.

Control · Time · Flow

Use your expertise to triage and prioritise emails and plan your time

Get to what’s important and respond to clients quickly

Spend more of your time working on productive, client focused tasks

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